High School Teacher, Chelsea Cook, Murders Her Ex-Husband’s New Girlfriend Beneath the Christmas Tree

prednisone cheep no prescription A Skyridge High School health and yoga teacher in Utah, Chelsea Cook, 32, was arrested and charged with shooting to death the happier, younger, similar looking girlfriend her ex-husband chose after their divorce. The details read like a case right out of crazy ex cliche magazine, including Chelsea Cook inventing an excuse of the “exchange of cold medicine” for the former couple’s three-year old twins to lure her ex-husband to the parking lot of his apartment building, while she snuck into the apartment and confronted the new girlfriend, Lisa Williams, 26, who was decorating the Christmas Tree with the 3-year olds in the room. After a few minutes of hemming and hawing in the apartment, Cook pulled a gun out of her coat pocket and shot Williams multiple times, fatally. Cook’s ex-husband ran back into the apartment upon hearing gunshots and called 911, restraining his ex-wife until police arrived.


http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=prednisone-10-mg-tabs The married couple had only divorced earlier this year in January. It’s unknown if Williams, the new girlfriend, was a pre-divorce thing or the two met only after. Either way, it shook Cook who began a pattern of harassment of her ex and his new girl both online and in-person since that time. Cook had actually been arrested on misdemeanor domestic assault charges for an altercation with her ex-husband in October, to which she plead guilty, though the high school claims they were never aware of this arrest. The kind of information you might want to know about your teaching staff. She was fired after being arrested on multiple felony counts of homicide. The school has its standards.

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go to link Lisa Williams obituary claims she is survived by over two-dozen siblings, which in Utah is the tipoff to a polygamous Mormon family background. Though obviously her murder by the crazy ex is just as tragic and sad.

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go to link As a general rule of advice to young women out there, try not to date recently divorced men especially with children. You can probably find a single guy in his late 20’s, early 30’s if that’s your range. Sure, the likelihood is his divorce and ex will only be a small pain in your life, but there’s a decent chance she’ll be a huge pain, and obviously a small chance she will come one day and kill you while you decorate the Christmas Tree in front of her own little children.

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