It Was Only a Kiss! High School Teacher Arrested

male enhancement drugs viagra What could be more romantic than a first kiss after seeing a movie? Unless you’re a high school teacher on a date with your student.

edarbi similar drugs to viagra Oklahoma special-ed teacher, Jill Arthur, 29, was arrested for a budding romantic relationship with her 18-year old student at Bixby High School. The case is shocking in its lack of shocking sexual detail — just one kiss.

Jill Arthur Gave The Student Her Number, Asked Him Out

pharmacy online usa viagra prices From online accounts, it appears that Jill Arthur is married, or partnered, with a young child. Not that that affects that old-fashioned rule about not dating your own high school students, illegal in most states.

viagra at shoppers drug mart The boy in question confirmed for police that his teacher gave him her number and basically asked him out on a date. Aww, adorable. It’s not clear how long of time passed between the digit swapping and the two finding themselves at the Warren Movie Theater in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Kind of sweet really considering how most of these other teacher-student relationships go straight to the back of the car. Both Arthur and the boy admitted to police they went to the movies, and after, smooched briefly in the car. Wait, sorry about that car thing. It’s always the car.

Fifteen Seconds of Loving Equals Sexual Battery

viagra alternative drugs for synthroid Based on interviews with both parties, it appears that “fifteen seconds” of kissing was the full extent of the physical contact. That matters not.

what shampoo to use with brand propecia Jill Arthur was charged with sexual battery for communicating with the boy online and ultimately, the world’s quickest make-out session in her car. Also, by obligation, she was relieved of her teaching duties at Bixby High School.

free cialis samples Naturally, the school district issued a completely non-contextual and rote statement explaining how they comply with all rules and regulations and none of this is their fault. Though you wonder how many times these people-in-charge can explain it’s not their fault without you wondering, wait a minute, they hired these people and supervised these people — isn’t it kind of their fault?

Oklahoma, Where the Wind Comes Sweepin’ Down the Plain

viagra and cialis interaction with other drugs One of our favorite previous Oklahoma female teacher-student sex scandals was that of Hunter Day. The 22-year old attractive young woman was featured in a news story for receiving an emergency teaching credential to fill a need at Yukon High School.

Hunter Day: That look when the cops show up instead of your underaged boyfriend

mh drugs kd 19 viagra for sale But a month later, Day was arrested for having sexual relations with a boy from Yukon. In a dramatic bust, cops used the boy’s cellphone to set up a romantic rendezvous with Day at her place. She got half-naked, set up the candles, and answered the door… for her arrest. Life is funny. Teacher-student sex, also sometimes funny.

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