It’s worth noting that Sycamore High School teacher, Jennifer Walsh, 26, is not accused of having sex with one of the special education students she works with at the school. That would be wrong on numerous levels, whereas having sex with a 17-year old typical student from the school over this past summer is only wrong on a few levels, most namely, the criminal level.


miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico 200 mg a Milano Up to five witnesses corroborated the tale of one Sycamore female student who claims she and Ms. Walsh got it on from May to August of this current year. Five witnesses is five to many in these types of illicit sexual relationship tales, preventing the defense of, she’s just a girl with a wild imagination or an axe to grind when I gave her a poor grade. Nope, your lesbian underaged love goose is cooked.

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Jennifer Walsh

levitra professional overnight delivery Local authorities within law enforcement spent some amount of time investigating this case whilst Ms. Walsh was on temporary leave from the school. Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and such. Finally, this past week she was formally indicted on two counts of sexual battery, and therein, tendered her resignation from Dear Old Sycamore.

quanto costa viagra generico 25 mg in farmacia If you think about it, there really is only one prime directive to being a teacher and it has nothing to do with teaching. Don’t touch the student bodies. It seems to be that one rule that is the hardest to keep.