High School Soccer Coach, Cori Beard, 28, Beds Two Boys from the Team

brand levitra price 10 mg Assistant boys and girls high school soccer coach, Cori Beard, 28, stands accused of sex with multiple male students at Vernon Hills High School in Illinois, where she’s helped out coaching for the past five years. And you wonder what draws people to take on thankless assistant coaching gigs at high schools. Unlike numerous other female teacher and student sex scandals, this one seemed to linger on for a long time, with Beard involved with at least one of the boys from December 2016 to this past month, February 2018. That’s a solid fourteen month sexual fling with a teen boy under your supervision. Fairly impressive in terms of not being caught. If that’s how you look at the word, impressive.

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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=comprare-viagra-generico-200-mg-pagamento-online-a-Torino Beard was eventually caught, with police arresting her for sexual assault on what is believed to be two boys now, though assume they are investigating further for signs of more boys shin pads in her residence. This female coach seemed particularly avarice, though a one million dollar bond and multiple felony counts ought to quell her lust for the time being. The police excitedly reported that they don’t believe any sex happened on school grounds. This is something the school district insists on noting since it makes it seem like they were less responsible, especially when it come time for the lawsuits. It’s one thing to have teachers on staff humping your underaged students. It’s another to provide the bedrooms at school.


see The Vernon Hills High School district notified parents that Beard had been arrested and they were cooperating fully with the local authorities. Also, obviously, how student safety though not necessarily virginity where of utmost importance to them, the employers who feel slighted too to have a traitor in their midst. Who could see a female teacher sex scandal coming after the several hundred previous? It’s totally out of the blue.



prescription drug lasix Little is known about Beard’s personal backstory, save for the fact she’s like soccer and teen boys. The rest we can probably learn about from her prison diaries.

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