High School Counselor Arrested for Sex Crimes, Carrying Gun

http://www.tgarey.com/guestbook/viagra-online/ Get rid of impotence with Viagra This might be the first female faculty member sex crimes case where the arrested woman was carrying a loaded handgun at school. A bit of a double whammy.

buy viagra online usa Meghann Wells, 30, a high school counselor, was picked up in Independence, Missouri on charges she had sex with a teenage student some time during 2018. Gender of the student and timing have yet to be released.

Meghann Wells Was a Counselor at Van Horn High School

Avviene variazioni dell'assetto ormonale che acquista viagra generico su internet con paypal l'incontinenza We’ve come across teachers and and assistant principals having had sexual relations with students; follow url Meghann Wells may be the first school counselor. Like many of us, I only met with my high school’s counselor once when he told me I should be a farmer when I grow up. I admit, I have no idea what high school counselors do beyond speculative proclamations like that.

viagra discount online pharmacy Police escorted Wells from Van Horn High on March 1 to discuss allegations she had had a sexual relationship of some nature with a student under the age of 17 at the school. She was arrested the very same day on charges of possession of child pornography, second-degree statutory sodomy, furnishing pornographic material to a minor and unlawful use of a weapon.

http://thefoolishobsession.com/review-cedel-dry-shampoo-for-dark-hair/?share=email The latter charge arose when a search of Wells’ purse upon her arrest found a loaded Glock handgun. There’s no evidence she used the gun, but she certainly had it on her person at school, which is a massive no-no.

Wells and The Student Exchanged Pornographic Videos, and More

anti-estrogen drug side-effects of viagra As might be inferred by the charges, Meghann Wells and the student exchanged sexual texts including photos and videos of a naked and sexual type nature. According to various reports, Wells admitted to the sexting part.

meow drug ingredients viagra Unfortunately for Wells, accepting naked photos of a teen is considered possession of child pornography. Sending naked photos of yourself to the same underaged person is furnishing pornographic material to a child.

Just two years ago Van Horn High was in the news for more tragic reasons.

sun drug store viagra generic The extent of the sexual contact between the two remains far more vague. Meghann Wells was charged with statutory sodomy which means, they did the deed. Intercourse. However, based on news reporting, it’s unclear if Wells is refuting this allegation.

As Always, The Sexts and Videos Seal the Deal

viagra professional no prescription I’m morally bankrupt enough to teach a Learning Annex course on how not to be a female teacher arrested for having sex with your student. Though I’m certainly my course would be popular.

First rule is the same as the last rule: don’t send damning, non-erasable evidence across the Internet. No teacher would likely make a sex tape and mail it to an underaged kid; or take naked photos and drop them off with somebody’s mom and tell them to give to their son or daughter when home. But somehow the digital sphere makes everybody think it’s all-good.

Not only does the photo and text evidence seal the deal on an arrest, but when shown in a future courtroom, they have tremendous prejudicial effect. The wrongness is in your face. It’s a guaranteed guilty.

Meghann Wells resigned from Van Horn High School following her arrest

As always, I realize I’m giving sane advice to people who have lost their sanity at least temporarily to the passion of their loins. It happens. It’s all explained in my syllabus.

Don’t Count Out Middle America’s Naughty Female Teachers

But a few hours drive from where Meghann Wells was arrested, the now infamous teacher, Mary Beth Haglin was arrested two years prior for sex with her teen male student.

Haglin kicked it up a notch when the town learned that in addition to teaching and sleeping with her students, she was also a stripper. Dr. Phil couldn’t resist and put her on his show.

That’s when prosecutors filed additional charges against Haglin. She spent 3-months in prison.

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