High School Bible Teacher, Stephanie Henry Pruett, Busted for Sex With Teen

source The weirdest part of this story may be that the public schools in Alabama have bible teachers. Not weird if you lived in Southern Georgia like myself, but to you auslanders, perhaps.


http://cancersupportmontana.org/?search=cialis-canadian-cost Technically, the class at Weaver High School in Alabama was called Bible as Literature, which is good cover, as taught by 28-year old, Stephanie Henry Pruett, a married mother of one and currently America’s latest lady teacher busted for sex with one of her high school students. Not lawful under Alabama law for teacher and high school student of any age to get it on, nor is it biblical for that matter. The boy in question was seventeen. According to police, the sexual relationship lasted for upwards of five months. And then some time spend downwards after that you’d assume.

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http://cmcpediatrics.com/?search=albumin-infusion-and-lasix Naturally, now is the time to laugh at a sinful bible teacher for those who feel so cliche and obliged. Also to pour through Pruett’s own pop-positive social media and teacher website accounts for inspirational bio quotes:


click “I enjoy spending time with my family, including my wonderful husband…my insanely sweet and intelligent son, and our three dogs, Madison, Quinn, and Bella. I love the fall and traveling!”

how to buy cialis pills in from online canadian pharmacy Seems sweet enough. If you subtract that half year long time when she was having sex with a teenager while her husband was home unaware and tending to the baby, she’s downright adorable.


get link Pruett has been suspended from Weaver High School pending the fallout from her arrest. The school made numerous statements insisting that this whole matter is a huge shame and they had no way of knowing Pruett, in her first full year teaching at the school, was also shtupping a kid after class. Based on the large number of these cases, it might be time to consider every female teacher with a wide smile actively suspicious.

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