Heidi Lueders Arrested For Starving Dogs to Death at Her Pit Bull Rescue

minoxidil versus propecia There are two great forces at work in the tale of http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=free-levitra-prescription Heidi Lueders. One, a multiple times arrested for assault, shady, troubled, and drug addicted 31-year old woman is constantly up to no good. And two, an attractive blonde who could maintain a smile and convince people she was on the level. The next time you hear a good looking blonde woman talk about how tough it is to be her, consider the breaks built-in.


source Lueders has been involved in one way or another with dogs, pit bulls in particular, throughout her adult life. For the past several years, she listed herself as the President of the Bully Breed Rescue in New Canaan, Connecticut, serving to rescue dogs from shelters in the area. Rescue dogs largely means pit bulls in most areas of the country as these, or half-breeds of pit bulls, are by far the most abandoned breed needing new homes else facing being put down.

Heidi’s most recent of several mugshots

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=getting-pregnant-on-propecia-pills It’s unclear if Lueders ever had earnest intentions or not with funds she raised for her rescue, but she seems to have spent most of the money on her heroin addiction, as heroin addicts do. Which ultimately led police to discover the remains of multiple dogs she claimed to her donor had found new homes or sanctuary, to have been starved to death in cages for lack of care or feeding obviously over some period of time. The cops found nothing but rot and dog carcasses in cages when they entered based off tips.

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here An arrest warrant was issued for Lueders back in November, but it took until this past week, after what she claimed was a stint in a rather luxurious drug treatment center, that Lueders turned herself in on five counts of cruelty to animals, and also charges related to all the damage she did to the rented home.

purchase cialis soft without prescription Lueders is no virgin to the criminal justice system. She was arrested on two occasions in 2015. The first, that wonderful time she took a hammer to the car of her new boyfriend’s ex-wife to show her what’s what and a rather violent altercation occurred between Lueders, her boyfriend, and his ex-wife when she came outside to see who was beating on her car. Also, in the same year, Lueders was arrested for a fight with another woman who she claimed owed her money and decided to settle matters by releasing one of her pit bulls on the woman, who suffered bites on her ankle.

click Is Lueders simply a bad seed or was there once good before the heroin took over? These are the eternal questions you don’t need to spend time considering, because it no longer matters. What is worth noting is how many chance a comely looking blonde woman might get that others in our society don’t. The bigger question for today. Plus those poor dogs. This woman may still not get what’s coming to her, though the heroin will likely ultimately even the score.

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