When they asked famed early 20th century criminal Willie Sutton why he kept robbing banks, he noted quite plainly, ‘because that’s where the money is.’ Less folksy might be the reason why women may be joining the teaching workforce these days. School marms they are not. Predators? Well, yes, according to prosecutors and parents of those boys receiving after-school sexual educations.

Heidi M. Domangue, and do use the middle initial as this is quite a common name in Louisiana, where Heidi was a substitute high school teacher and one very prolific boinker of sweet sixteens. Domangue was eventually caught having sex, or as they still refer to it quaintly in Louisiana, unlawful carnal knowledge, with three different high school boys in her home. She’s mentioned as being married, as her maiden name is Verret. No word from the Mr. Domangue on how his wife’s arrest for all these carnal turpitudes might be affecting his Christmas shopping for her. There really is no mall diamond store that sells special cuts for this specific occasion.

Domangue seemingly would’ve gotten away with her continued relations with the three teens, had her name not been found on naughty and leading text messages to a twelve year old boy also in the school system. Not something you expect to find on your kids cellphone in middle school as a parent. Certainly not from a thirty year old teacher.

Then single Heidi Verret in her younger days, prior to all the alleged raping.

When women rightfully talk about being equals to men, I’ve always felt they should caveat that with “but not the horrible stuff, obviously.” Adults entering professions that put them in proximity with kids so as to be in proximity with kids used to be something we all assumed was the purview solely of deranged men. Now it seems given the opportunity, females with mental imbalances are leaping at the same opportunities. This would speak to some kind of women’s progress, you know, if it didn’t involve felony sex crimes.