source Heather Barbera, 42, an attractive yet obviously unwell New Jersey woman, left a crime scene in her wake none could recall seeing quite before. Her own mother and grandmother dead in their apartment, bludgeoned to death with a nightstick, leaving their bloodied corpses on the floor of the residence, before robbing her dead relatives for cash and credit cards to play the slots in Atlantic City. Barbera’s uncle, the brother of Barbera’s mom and son to the deceased grandmother, claimed that he had warned his female relatives not to let Heather Barbera move in with them as she was emotionally unwell and addicted to pills. The first part certainly seems de facto confirmed.

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watch Police traced the dead women’s credit cards to track down Barbera, who had moved on from Atlantic City to Midtown Manhattan, where she was finally spotted by cops at the Port Authority Bus Terminal four days after the murders and promptly arrested. Barbera faces the rather serious murder charges, plus robbery and other heinous offenses related to killing your kin with a nightstick for some vacation cash. Based on her social media feeds, Barbera herself appears to be a mom of some number of children.

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barrow in furness tesco pharmacy viagra Naturally, Barbera’s prescription drugs and mental health background will be brought into the matter as a mitigating circumstance. Perhaps even an insanity plea. There’s few places you can hide after killing your mom and grandma. Ask Lizzie Border. Horrifically bloody family murders tend to turn you into a legend pretty quickly.

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