Hannah Rose Fitzpatrick, 19, Helps Juvie Boys Escape, Sleeps With One of Them

see url There’s one rule about working at a home for juvenile delinquents, the very same as working at a real prison — don’t aid and abet the escape of the residents. Hannah Rose Fitzpatrick, 19, formerly worked at the Four Oaks juvenile rehabilitation center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as a counselor, though at nineteen, it’s unclear what that really means. She clearly built an attachment with one of the boys under car in the facility, because after her employment had ended, she returned to Four Oaks and helped that special boy and two other court-ordered boys at the location to escape.

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http://community2community.info/?search=how-to-get-some-viagra Like any good junior Bonnie and Clyde story, Fitzpatrick drove the boys to a LaQuinta in Davenport, Iowa, where she fed them, and proceeded to engage in sexual activities with one of the escapees. Presumably that was the specific boy she went back for, though she’s on the hook for helping all three escape. She later drove two of them to a second location.

Hannah Rose Fitzpatrick at 11, from her great aunt’s blog, why can’t kids stay young for forever?

click here Fitzpatrick was ultimately arrested for aiding and abetting the escape, not to mention the sex with a “juvenile offender”, his age not disclosed, though it’s assumed he’s of legal age of consent in Iowa, but reverse that since he’s technically a ward of the state and you simply can’t have sex with him if you’re an employee or former employee. That’s a misdemeanor with a penalty of up to two years in prison. Though the tend not to waste prison space in any State for blond teens with really poor boyfriend picking skills.


order viagra Fitzpatrick was released from jail on a $2,000 bond and awaits that embarrassing moment when her attorney tells her to take the deal, which may include some kind of limited sex offender status. Ah, teen love, you never work out so well.

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