Linda Decker, who is accused of bludgeoning an elderly woman to death, was not the brightest of killers.

In Clinton County, Indiana, a 97-year-old woman named Betty Wann was found dead in her home on Tuesday, September 27. Coroners determined someone had bashed her over the head, as they found injuries on her head, neck and face.

The trail led investigators to the duplex next-door where Betty’s niece, Linda Decker, 67, and her husband lived. And we don’t mean the proverbial trail. We mean an actual trail of blood that the idiot left leading from her alleged crime, straight to where police found her sleeping on a bloody pillow. It would seem that Linda owed Betty a large sum of money and would also stand to gain some more if Betty were to die, as the elderly woman had left her pilfering, good for nothing niece in her will.

Image: Paul Zink/WLFI
Image: Paul Zink/WLFI

Investigators believe that Linda may have entered through the back door of Betty’s home, which they found ajar with the glass shattered. Then, they think Linda took a bedside lamp to beat her aunt to death. Marks on Linda’s body indicated that Betty fought back, gouging her with her fingernails during the attack.

Image: Clinton County Jail