Glenbard East High School Intern and Fitness Model, Elizabeth Flint, Busted for Sex With 17-Year Old Student

price of imported levitra Homecomings are supposed to be special moments. Not merely the actual high school homecoming event, but when a former high school student, and cheerleader, returns to her high school after college to spend a year as an intern. Such was the case of Elizabeth Flint, a 2014 graduate of Glenbard East High School in Lombard, Illinois, who following her graduation from Eastern Illinois University with a degree in Sports Sciences, came back to spend a year at her high school alma mater helping out with the sports programs. What Flint helped herself to apparently was a 17-year old boy, thrice or four times, during the month of April. She now stands accused of sexual assault. Flint wasn’t just any old student in her time at Glenbard East, she was a super active achiever, putting in time in gymnastics, track and field, band, cheerleading and a bunch of other clubs on campus. At EIU, she studies various exercise sciences and fitness and herself was voted Ms. Fitness EIU in her senior year. Some people get high on exercise, others get high on risky sex. Flint apparently coupled the two passions when she engaged in sex with a boy who while of the age of consent in Illinois, was off limits due to the school employee and student no-no policy. Hence, the sexual assault arrest. The local Illinois State’s Attorney put the matter into super hyperbolic context:

how to buy propecia “The allegations against Ms. Flint are, simply put, disgusting. It is alleged that she used her position of trust and authority to sexually assault a minor on three separate occasions.”

mephedrone drug ingredients viagra Now, Ms. Fitness EIU taking you back to her place during your high school years for sex in her bed may be disgusting to the local prosecutor, though you imagine the student victim in question probably didn’t feel that so much as he returned repeatedly for more. But, the law is the law and Ms. Flint is now in a world of hurt as she joins the ever growing cast of female high school teachers and employees who can’t keep their hands off the teen male meat. I call it a phenomenon, the New York Times insists it isn’t happening, but I bet the truth is somewhere in the middle, leaning heavily toward my position.

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go to link Ms. Flint, you may not officially be awarded an alumni of the year honors, but I bet the boys at school in an informal poll have already handed you the trophy.

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