Gabrielle ‘Gabita’ Canales ID’d as the Bra-Clad Teen Stealing from Uber Driver in Viral Video

go here For several months, a video of a young woman in but a bra for a top swiping the singles out of a poor Uber driver’s tip car has been floating around the Internet. Only recently has the eighteen year old swiper been identified as Gabrielle Canales, who goes by “Gabita” in her not so burgeoning Instagram modeling career.

source url In the video you can see the Brooklyn resident, Canales, 18, shamelessly staring at the Uber driver’s security video camera before grabbing the cash out of his tip jar and making a run for it at her destination with her friends. It’s the combo of the girl in a bra, the brazen theft, and the look on her face that makes the video especially “sign of the times” nauseating.

omprare viagra generico consegna rapida a Roma Inside Edition discovered the true identity of the girl, because they have a big staff and lots of free time. Upon interviewing Canales, the teen seemed to be without remorse for her caught on camera larceny, insisting her friend later returned the few dollars to the Uber driver, and that she’s kind of digging all the new found fame. Such is the life of a not particularly qualified Instagram model.

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source Perhaps the most telling part of this tale of social decay is when the Uber driver reported the crime to Uber, they told him the girl denied taking anything and essentially, bugger off. The customer is always right. According to Inside Edition, Uber did cancel Canales’ Uber account for her thievery. According to Canales, her Uber account was never suspended and she’s still using the service regularly. In short, eff the driver. That blessed Uber.

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