Fresno Middle School Teacher Claims Oral Sex on Student Was Coerced

source In the realm of defense strategies for being a middle school teacher arrested for multiple counts of oral sex upon a 13 year old boy, imagine that “he extorted me” is one of the ones that hasn’t worked so well.

Viagra online pharmacy Nevertheless, Justine Karen Nelson, 31 at the time (33 now on trial) claims that her middle school student threatened to expose their inappropriate Instagram communications if she didn’t service him sexually. He was 13 into 14 at the time. So you’d have to believe he was a rather scheming young man.

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Teacher and Student Exchanged Private Instagram Messages

follow link SafeMeds: 25mg, 50mg, 100mg tablets available today. Best medications for real men. Available with free Delivery & overnight shipping! Buy Cheap Nelson, a married mom teacher at the Tenaya Middle School in Fresno and her student, had exchanged numerous Instagram messages between them during the school year leading up to the sex.

canadian online pharmacies approved by cipa During her trial, Nelson claims it was these secret messages, one of which contained a nude photo of herself, that her student threatened to expose if she didn’t serve as his girlfriend, pleasuring him as he requested.

Nelson listens to her attorney during her trial for sex crimes with a minor.

valsartan similar drugs to viagra And, naturally, Nelson testified this is exactly why she agreed to oral service her young student, under duress of threat of losing her job and even perhaps custody of her child. At the time she claimed she and husband were close to splitting.

canadian pharmacy viagra pills generic Of course, during cross examination by the prosecutor, Nelson was unable to provide any proof of such threats being made. And the boy in question, now 16 at the time of trial, had a much different story to tell about who came after who. And the net result were multiple bouts of oral sex on the middle school campus.

Nelson Admitted to Everything Wrong Up to the Sex Parts

generic canadian viagra us At trial, Nelson confessed to being wrong on a series of steps along the way before the sex. That would include feeling lonely in her marriage, seeking romantic attention from the boy, exchanging messages including a nude photo, and enjoying the ego boost it gave her. But she remains insistent the sex grossed her out and was only a result of blackmail. Nelson described the interactions with the boy in terms of him pushing her down on her desk, him pulling down his pants and demanding service, and him extorting her to do so.

viagra drug interactions with vicodin What remains is for the jury to decide if her hummers for the boy were a matter of self-defense. If believable, they could mitigate her multiple felony counts for lewd and lascivious acts upon a minor.

It’s Not Just the High School Female Teachers Getting In on the Action

free trial of cialis While the strong majority of teacher sex cases we cover involved high school lady teachers, we have seen numerous middle school teachers getting in on the student flesh filled fantasy game:

Kushel knew her boy lover from preschool age until middle school when they took up sexually. Nebraska middle school teacher, Amy Nowaczyk, faces an uphill legal battle after being arrested for oral sex upon her 13-year old student.

click here Infamously hot middle school science teacher, Stephanie Peterson, took her 14-year old middle school student and taught him the facts of sex life.

online viagra Sexy blonde mom and teacher, Kyle Damato-Kushel, was put to the legal defense when arrested for sex with her middle school student in Connecticut.

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