Franchesca Esplin In Trouble for Bobcat “Trophy Kill”

33 drugs com viagra without a doctor Here’s everything I know about hunting. If you’re a good hunter, you hunt to help cull the herd, consume what you kill, and generally respect the animal and plant kingdom in the way in which you conduct business.


go On the other hand, a bad hunter talks on social media about “bagging” animals, and once completed, posts ebullient bloody selfies of their kill. The latter may end up being technically legal, but it creates a massive backlash, among hunter and non-hunter alike.

Franchesca Esplin Was on “Cloud 9” after killing a mountain lion

lower price viagra in canada pharmacy According to Colorado hunter (or huntress if you will), Franchesca Esplin, a mountain lion hunt was on her bucket list. I’m not paraphrasing, she said bucket list. As somebody who has drumming behind Peter Stanley and Gene Simmons on his bucket list, I’m hardly one to judge. However, you have to know whether a large percentage of the population is going to find your bucket list stupid, or incredibly offensive. I’m willing to accept I fall into the stupid category. But nobody’s outraged.

The sight of Franchesca Esplin hoisting the dead and bloody bobcat was too much for many Upon tracking and killing her mountain lion, Franchesca Esplin took what are being described by her critics as “trophy kill” photos. That would be Esplin with a huge smile, hoisting the dead and bloody mountain lion kill, and talking about being on “Cloud 9”.

Esplin’s Facebook Photos Were Reposted by a Colorado Outdoors Group We talk about how social bubbles insulate people so much from outside viewers and perspectives and feedback. This likely explains why Franchesa Esplin felt super pumped to post such photos to her Facebook circle, but when Prairie Protection Colorado posted them to their social media following, all hell broke loose.

Is this the face, and other parts, of a ruthless animal killer?

online pharmacy viagra south africa Most people don’t hunt. And most women love cats. Therein results in a rash of outraged and fiery comments aimed at Esplin. “Psychopath” and “killer” came up often.

cheap viagra canada online pharmacy The Prairie Protection Colorado tried to differentiate between real hunting, which they find completely okay, and this kind of trophy killing, they describe as including” selfies of the dead animal with laughing and elation.” Hard to argue that logic.

Trophy Killing Is Not Illegal

go to link Hunters are bound by numerous rules and regulations in every state including Colorado. None of these laws get into the motive of the hunt or what kind of narcissistic hunter with poor selfie judgement you may be. In short, you can legally “trophy kill”.

viagra super active no prescription from online drugstore Prairie Protection Colorado claims to be trying to outlaw such hunting, though a basic reading of the landscape tells you that kind of prohibition isn’t likely. For one, it’s incredibly subjective. And secondly, the hunting community is going to fight any further broad limitations simply because of a bad apple or two.

Franchesca Esplin clearly loves her hunting time

viagra drug representative So, for now, Franchesa Esplin will suffer the modern day version of a Scarlett Letter. She’s had to remove her social media accounts, will likely receive death threats late night traceable back to PETA donor homes, and her face and that bloody mountain lion will be splashed all over the Internet for a couple of days.

generic viagra canadian Meanwhile, back in her bubble, she’s likely a hero. 2019. You kill me.

This Trophy Killing/Selfie Craze Seems to Big Among Blondes

lasix for sale Franchesca Esplin is hardly the first blonde to take heat for being a trophy killing huntress. We covered the story of Tess Thompson last summer. Thompson offed a giraffe then posed for photos.

levitra prescription And just this past December, well-known huntress, Larysa Switlyk, took down a Scottish mountain goat and posed with the dead goat and a sex toy. That went down smoothly.

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