Foster Parents Jenise And Daniel Spurgeon Have Racked Up Over 700 Counts Of Various Child Abuse Charges Daniel and Jenise Spurgeon of Florida are facing a boatload of charges stemming from allegations that they have abused 11 adopted and foster children. And when we say a boatload, we mean a metaphorical freighter full of metaphorical heaps of metaphorical cargo. Jenise Spurgeon, 52, faces over 100 counts of child abuse, 11 counts of human trafficking, 100 counts of endangering a child and 100 counts of enticing a child for immoral purposes. Meanwhile, her partner-in-crime faces the same litany of charges, give or take, plus over 130 counts related to alleged sexual abuse and rape. Sgt. Brad Holmes of the Florence Police Department said the children ranged in age from toddler to teenager, and that the abuse took place over several years. The children were predominantly homeschooled and therefore isolated from other adults who might have picked up on the abuse.

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enter I know what you’re thinking. How quickly can a team of a dozen pigs devour them? No, wait, sorry. You’re thinking, how do two people rack of this many charges?

Image: Florence Police Department

cialis soft best place to buy overnight According got authorities, the case came to light after Daniel Spurgeon, 47, was arrested at a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Cape Coral, Florida. Police said he was spotted at the fast food joint in the company of three intoxicated teenager girls. This led to an investigation in which police unraveled a twisted pattern of abuse that crossed state lines, as the Spurgeons used to reside in Alabama. Agencies from both states are now working together on this disturbing case.

cialis generico pagamento in contrassegno Investigators learned that in 2004, the Spurgeons adopted five girls and fostered five additional children—three girls and two boys—with intent to adopt those children, too. In addition to these children, the Spurgeons had three biological children. All 10 of the children the Spurgeons took in in 2004 have accused the Spurgeons of abuse, as well as another girl who said she was abused by the Spurgeons from 2009 to 2013, but who did not live with them at the time of their arrest. Police do not believe the Spurgeons abused their biological children.

Image: Florence Police Department

watch The adopted and foster children said that, rather, the Spurgeons gave preferential treatment to their own children. The biological Spurgeon children had their own refrigerator full of different kinds of food, while the other children had a separate fridge containing only bread, rice and bean meals. The adopted and foster children were also occasionally forced to sleep outside, endure frigid showers and complete exercises for punishment. They were not allowed to see doctors, and were sometimes beaten. Five of the female children said that Daniel Spurgeon sexually abused them, oftentimes plying them with alcohol during the assaults.

levitra how to use It certainly makes this post from Jenise Spurgon, dating back to 2009, creepy AF.

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