Former Teacher Crystal Clowdus Violated Parole on Her Teen Sexting Conviction With Classroom Volunteer Work Volunteering is a powerful force. So much so for Crystal Clowdus that the former high school teacher just two years ago convicted for sexting nude photos to her underaged student violated her parole to volunteer in her own child’s fifth grade classroom in an elementary school in the very same county. Also, nobody caught this at first. Clowdus, 35, then a teacher, was convicted in 2014 of sending nude photos and sexually racy texts to a boy under sixteen. She was given a ten years sentence in prison, with nine of those years suspended, equalling one year in detention, five years probation, and a lifetime on the sexual offender registry. One of those sex offender rules is no working or volunteering in schools or classrooms ever again in any capacity. She didn’t last long with that rule. It seems odd that even if Clowdus was too overwhelmed with reality to understand that volunteering in her daughter’s fifth grade class was a wretchedly horrible idea, the school itself would have prevented her from doing so. She’s a convicted felon on the G-D Alabama sex offender registry. Isn’t that something close to the first thing you review on a cursory background check? Just a thought for schools looking to reduce their child rape counts.

go here Clowdus was found to be in violation of her Sex Offender Registry handbook and arrested. It’s not yet clear what this means for her regarding incarceration, but presume it’s not good.


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how to buy cialis on line There’s no other way to explain this other than mental illness. Which is kind of sad. But since hers in particular falls under the category of wanting sex with early teen boys, you have to set aside your pity and move on to serious prison time. It’s perhaps harder for some to accept the fact that women, wives, moms, school teachers, are in some cases every bit as creepy predatory and malfunctioned programmed as the men with bad mustaches and panel vans. Meet Crystal Clowdus. Somebody do some DNA work.

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