Former Teacher, Charli Parker, Appealing Her Conviction for Sex With Two-16 Year Old Students

comprare viagra generico 50 mg a Firenze You may recall the curious case of Alabama teacher, Charli Parker, 31, who was arrested and ultimately convicted last year of having sex with a sixteen year old boy on multiple occasions, and second sixteen year old boy one other time. Both were high school students, and while Parker herself taught elementary school, that still qualified her for felony sex crimes, even though the age of consent in Alabama is sixteen.

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accutane side effects after use Making the case more curious was the fact that Parker’s husband, who taught in the high school, was arrested at the same time for having sex with a high school girl and is himself awaiting sentencing. One or both of the couple had sex with their young lovers in the cemetery. Which seems creepy, though not compared to the total sum of the story one might suppose.

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prednisone 20mg 5 While James Parker is still awaiting sentencing on his sex crimes, wife Charli Parker has been serving a three year sentence in state prison for her sex crimes conviction. She and her attorney have argued that the Alabama State Law which forbids teachers from partying anatomically with students (of legal age) after hours is discriminatory, since it’s the only such profession called out in the law. They argue that even other professions where there might be a supervisory relationship with teens, such as a doctor, are fully allowed to get jiggy with anybody they wish who is 16 and above. While teachers are being sentenced to prison.

source The local circuit court in Alabama agreed with Parker’s case of unconstitutionality, but the case was kicked up to the State Supreme Court where it awaits a hearing. Until it’s adjudicated at that level, Charli Parker remains in prison serving out the bulk of her three year sentence. She’s hoping to be released pending the ultimate decision from the State Supreme Court. Though that seems like a long-shot.

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finasteride woman This certainly seems like one of those everybody is wrong cases. The law as written does certainly seem quite picayune about teachers only. That’s patently unfair, especially if the kids aren’t even in this teacher’s class or grade level. At the same time, she’s a married woman in her 30’s banging about with 16 year old students by the gravestones in the dark. Not that that should necessarily send you to prison for three years, but, c’mon, some kind of timeout is in order.

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