Former Stripper, Sunrise Lee, on Trial for Pimping Fentanyl to Doctors

go When a stripper with no college degree is named to the regional sales director position of a pharmaceutical company earning heavily off opioid sales, it’s time to go to code red on the corruption investigations.

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source site Among other products, Insys pharmaceutical sold a fentanyl spray that was designed and approved by the FDA to provide pain relief to late stage cancer patients, because fentanyl is so damn dangerous that it’s only proper use is for the drastically suffering patients. Of course, there’s no way to make huge bank from merely selling to that limited audience, so Insys executives concocted a plan to encourage doctors to prescribe the massively addictive and powerful opioid to their patients with migraines.

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can lasix cause pancreatitis There are any number of corrupt, err, corruptible, doctors out there willing to push medications to patients pushed to them by pharmaceutical companies, but a heavy dose of cash is needed to grease those skids. Obviously, the pharmaceutical companies can’t legally slip envelopes of cash to these doctors in an obvious pay-to-push manner, so Insys invented a doctors educational speaking series that paid doctors handsomely for providing a rote speech to an empty room; the very same doctors who would be now asked to prescribe the fentanyl spray to their patients. “Doctors really enjoyed spending time with her and found Sunrise to be a great listener.”

Insys-exec, Alec Burlakoff

free levitra in woman As part of their illicit sales scheme, Insys executives, including guys fired from other pharma companies for unethical behavior, hired strippers ans hookers, same difference, to act as sales reps to party hard with the doctors to ensure full compliance. Sunrise Lee, a Palm Beach area former stripper, whatever that means, was named Regional Sales Director for Insys, despite having no relevant professional experience or academic background. But she did have something. And that something was spotted by a sales rep who worked under Sunrise Lee, who spotted her boss giving a thorough lap dance to a prominent pill-mill doctor (who himself would soon lose his license and be arrested). Working girl, working hard.

buy propecia with paypal Eventually, Feds got one of the insiders to flip on his cohorts at Insys, and five employees, including Sunrise Lee, were charged with racketeering. The company itself has essentially been tanked by massive civil suits and government fines. But Sunrise Lee faces some serious federal prison time. And for no small reason. Many deaths were linked to this fentanyl spray. Though nobody in corporate America ever gets murder charges.

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