Naturally, you recall the grace with which Ramsey Carpenter overcame her multiple sclerosis diagnosis at 20, and turned herself into the Miss Kentucky 2014, and a Top 12 finisher in the subsequent 2015 Miss America pageant. By gosh, she played the fiddle. Now do you remember? Maybe look at the bikini shots from the swimsuit competition for a refresher.


order viagra canada Following her run in the pageant world, the University of Kentucky grad moved to West Virginia where she married a mining millionaire named Charles Bearse and became Ramsey Carpenter Bearse. Naturally, a coal mining magnate’s beauty pageant wife needs a gig, so now Bearse returned to her degree credentials and took up teaching middle school at Andrew Jackson Middle School in Cross Lanes, WV. The school has yet to receive a historically sensitive naming update, but imagine that may be a while in West Virginia.

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When Ramsey Carpenter was hustling for Miss Kentucky votes. Two years into her tenure at Jackson Middle and Bearse, now 28, has been arrested for sending topless photos of her Miss Kentucky body to a fifteen year old boy, a former middle school student of hers between August and October of this year. Naturally, she did so via Snapchat, an app that seems to carry the bulk of our nation’s naked high school student photos, and naughty visuals between teachers and students. The boy’s mother discovered the bare breasted photos from her son’s former middle school teacher and quickly went to cops who quickly went to Bearse who quickly confessed and was arrested on four counts of sending obscene material to a minor. Not clear if that’s one count for each photo, or one count for each bare breast in two photos. These are the pressing legal questions of our time. Bearse seems like a decent woman who’s written extensively about living with MS and supporting MS-related charities. Why she, like so many other female teachers, chose to put everything at risk for some attention from a young teen boy remains to be heard or broken down by a trained psychologist. They all say they’re lonely or not getting along with the old man. But at 28 and married but two years, maybe you take up racquetball before doing the illegal sex crimes? 

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