Former Miss Indian UNM and Coach Marika Trujillo Arrested for Sexual Penetration of a Minor Marika Trujillo appears to have had quite a successful run through the first 23-years of her life. The recent college grad was voted Miss Indian University of New Mexico, highlighting her native American heritage for which she was roundly interviewed, photographed, and performed tribal dances at her awards ceremony.

Trujillo earns all-tourney honors in high school volleyball in 2011. (Photo credit: Rich Chavez)

viagra online us Trujillo was also an accomplished high school athlete turned into a junior AAU coach in basketball, which she continued to do whilst a new teacher in Laguna, New Mexico.

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Marika Trujillo was voted Miss Indian UNM in 2016. Milan, New Mexico authorities received a complaint regarding a fourteen year old girl and sexual contact with Trujillo in relation to their AAU girls basketball connection. Specifically, penetration of a minor for which Trujillo was arrested.

real photos of levitra effects Trujillo is being detained at the Cibola County Detention Center on charges of rape of a minor. Rather serious you might say. Up to 18 years in prison kind of serious. This is one of the more rare female-female such cases that people often cite as revealing a double standard in penal code adjudication. That remains to be seen.

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see This isn’t exactly like the dozens and dozens of other female teacher humping male student cases we cover here nearly daily. This one seems more extreme, likely emotionally charged, and certainly more felonious.

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