Here is a story that, like many others, could only happen in the beautiful state of Florida.

Alana Anette Savell, 32, of Bay County is charged with going to extreme measures to get rid of some houseguests that had overstayed their welcome. Police say she wanted a man and a woman to leave her home and when they did not, she took out a 22-caliber handgun and began shooting at them. She struck the woman in the leg, which, to Alana’s credit, did get the woman to leave. According to Alana, she had wanted the guests to get lost because they were drunk and being loud. We’ve all been there, Alana.

Police say that it was Alana’s boyfriend who told her to shoot them. He even had a system for this kind of situation. He said that he told Alana that if she asked someone to leave three times and they did not do as she said, she should get her gun and shoot at the ground. If that too was unsuccessful, she should shoot their legs.

Unfortunately, or perhaps hilariously, Alana’s boyfriend was also shot in the leg during in the incident.

They seem fun. (Image: Facebook)
They seem fun. (Image: Facebook)

Perhaps Alana and her man had taken a cue from LaVeyan Satanism, in which rules 3 and 4 deal with appropriate behavior when it someone else’s house: Rule 3, When in another’s lair, show them respect or else do not go there; Rule 4, If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat them cruelly and without mercy.

Or perhaps they’re just taking a cue from Florida’s controversial stand-your-ground law. Of course, as convoluted as that law is, the person you shoot must be threatening you in some way, not just irritating you with their drunken shenanigans.

Image: Bay County Sheriff’s Office