viagra generico 25 mg online prezzo piu basso Here’s the thing about Texas gals in Florida. They’re still Texas. Such is the case of Terry Lee Coursey, 37, a fifth grade teacher at Plantation Oaks Elementary School in Orange Park, Florida who busted up another mom at a youth baseball practice. According to witnesses, the fifth grade teacher originally from Texas took exception to the other mom wearing “short shorts” to the kids’ practice. If you know 30-something soccer and sports moms in Florida, the idea that you’d ban tight shorts is less likely to succeed than banning guns. The ladies of Orange Park want to show some leg. There is a reason they all Zumba.

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click here Apparently Coursey and the other unnamed mom exchanged some words over appropriate dress at kids’ events and Coursey escalated to a physical attack leaving “visible bruises on the victim’s forearms, a cut on her right wrist and abrasions on her shoulder, elbow and chest”. That’s a minor scrape for the fella, but for two moms going at it in the bleachers at little league, that’ll get you arrested.

see Police arrived on scene and took note of the victim’s wounds and arrested the elementary school teacher attacker on misdemeanor battery, for which Coursey promptly bailed out of jail. Coursey won’t be looking at much in the way of criminal penalties when the dust is settled, but she was suspended immediately from her teaching job, which is likely the far larger consequence. For some reason the grammar schools don’t want their teachers coming to school with the raked skin of their rivals under their nails. Scares the kids a bit.

go to link On a bright note of gender empowerment, moms are now officially getting into fights in the stands at youth sports. Bloviating and pointless peacock scuffles used to be the purview largely of obnoxious sports dads. No longer. If #TimesUp is to mean anything, it’s that blond Southern moms can tussle embarrassingly in front of their young children.