Florida Teacher and Actress Arrested for Sex With 15-Year Old Student

As you might imagine, the personal actress profile page for Kassandra Leigh “Kasey” Moore, a.k.a., Kassandra Moore, is no longer active. Not after her arrest as a teacher in Bradenton, Florida for sending naughty Instagram DMs and having sex with a 15-year old boy in the park.

Moore, 31, appears to be originally from Indiana, moved to Florida to pursue her actress dreams, appearing in a few smaller videos and short films recently (her IMDb page), but largely working full-time as a teacher at the not-for-profit Broach School in Bradenton, Florida.

Naturally, Moore breached all sex criminal protocols by sending salacious texts and lingerie partially nude photos on Instagram to the boy of her dreams. Literally “the boy” of her dreams. The kid was fifteen years old. These would the DMs that would be her undoing.

Kassandra Moore, actress and sex starved teacher

Equally naturally, the boy in question shared those dirty Instagram private messages with his buddy, which Benjamin Franklin’s old adage about how to keep secrets (hint, by killing everybody else who knows yours) explains next. That boy told somebody else who told the school who told the cops in Bradenton.

It’s not a long investigation from a teacher sending her boob hanging out of her lingerie selfies to her teen student to the cops convincing that student to explain everything that happened. You don’t need dolls to explain where Ms. Moore touched you. It’s everywhere.

The teen boy from The Broach School handed over the Instagram messages and spelled out four occasions where he and Kassandra Moore allegedly went to the park, allegedly had sex in the back of her car or out in nature, and not so allegedly where he tossed his used condoms. Ruh-roh.

She almost had it all.

Police retrieved those condoms, and after tests concluded that there were two sets of DNA on those prophylactics, the boy’s and Moore’s, Moore was promptly arrested and charged with four counts of sexual battery upon a child between 12 and 16 and one count of sending lewd content to the same kid. It seems unfair that Moore will be lumped in with teachers who have taken advantage of pre-pubescent children, but such is the law.

Apparently, Moore was quite familiar with the law as police investigation uncovered Moore trying to convince a friend to give her a false alibi for the “sex evenings” in question. Also, she apparently sought out the help of another student at the school to try to help her unlock her boy lover’s phone to erase his Instagram DMs. To no avail.

Moore was pulled in by Manatee County Sheriff’s and booked with bail set at $31,500. Unless her defense attorney has a magic bullet to explain her DNA on those condoms (and she and the boy caught on park surveillance cameras), expect a plea deal to be sought.

Poor redhead. It’s time to go full actress. The teaching days look behind you.

Will any ginger actress ever compete with Julianne Moore?

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