If I did live in Florida I’d have to say it’s the craziest place in the world. This guy who is a criminal and sex attacker just won three million dollars in Lotto scratch off tickets and they can’t take the money back. People like this should not even be allowed to play scratchers which is a privilege and not a rite. He’s also 350 pounds and how did he get so fat if he’s been in prison and not eating atĀ Olive Garden where fat people eat all the time.


Think about what you could do with three million dollars to fix a park or buy a new car or television set or get brand new carpet in all your rooms instead of just one or two. That’s not even close to three million dollars. I play scratchers and haven’t won more than twenty dollars which I’m not complaining about but that’s less than three million dollars for this CONVICTED criminal. I think he should have to give it back or at least give half of it to the people he attacked and then give back most of the rest except for money he can spend on going to the gym once in a while. Just not my gym please.