College tuition is no joke, and student loans are basically the scourge of our generation. One woman has apparently found a way to help pay for school using her unique condition: she’s pregnant.

According to a now-removed ad on Craigslist, an unidentified Florida woman was willing to sell positive pregnancy tests for $25 a piece, or two for $35 if the customer was making a trip of 60 miles or more. She said she did not want to know what the test was being used for, and she was not interested in haggling. You ask her to pee on the stick, she pees on the stick, you give her the money, you get the test, you leave.

The ad (Photo via Craigslist)

It’s apparently not illegal to sell your urine (urine fetishists, take note), and because she refused to hear any stories about what the tests were to be used for, perhaps this is actually a total legal way for an expectant mother to capitalize on her bodily fluids.

There are plenty of things a person could perhaps do with a positive test, some of which are listed in the post. They include blackmailing someone into giving you money or playing a whimsical prank. I googled, “Why do women fake pregnancies?” and found a Daily Mail article full of supposed reasons confessed via the Whisper app. One woman was embarrassed by a recent weight gain, another lied to get her boyfriend to stay home from a party, one told a fib to get out of a traffic ticket. One entrepreneurial woman convinced her ex to give her money for an abortion she didn’t need.Then I remembered that I knew a girl in high school who told everyone she was pregnant so she wouldn’t have to participate in gym class.

Yesenia Sesmas (Image: Facebook)

There are also numerous cases in which women have just really wanted a baby and so fake a pregnancy. In the most extreme of these cases, the women have gone to desperate measures to acquire a baby and fulfill their delusion. Just recently, a Texas woman named Yesenia Sesmas shot and murdered Laura Abarca-Nogueda, who had just given birth to a baby daughter. Sesmas stole the 6-day-old baby and returned to Texas where she attempted to pass the child off as her own up until her arrest. Sesmas had apparently been faking a pregnancy to everyone she knew for the past several months. Another woman later came forward and claimed to have had a disturbing encounter with Sesmas in which the woman unsuccessfully attempted to kidnap her young children.

Image: Flickr