Floribama’s Aimee Hall Ends Assault Probation

When somebody’s bio lists them as graduating high school, followed next by “some bartending” and that’s it and they’re 26, well, you’re not surprised when they turn out to be a fat drunken slob on an MTV reality show.

Don’t forget we just reported fellow Floribama cast member, Nilsa Prowant, busted for flashing her boobs and being wasted-annoying.

Whatever Aimee Hall did in between graduating high school and being cast on the inane drunken stupid people show, Floribama, well, “some bartending” probably included a lot of drinking. And eating. Hall seems content to Dean Wormer her way through life “fat drunk and stupid”. That sounds harsh, another term for accurate.

The blonde lummox was innocent getting drunk and mouthy in a Panama City Beach bar last year when Melissa Bensinger, a female defender of hometown PCB pride, confronted Hall for giving the town a black eye on MTV.

Aimee’s main job on the show seems to be getting drunk and angry and throwing things — so like everybody else.

Naturally, Bensinger herself had been arrested previously on DUI and leaving-the-scene-of-an-accident charges. Leaving two drug lady mopes barking at each other in a bar where Hall was merely trying to get her fat drunk game on for the MTV production crew. Floribama, ho, err, hoes.

According to police records, at some point during the joust, Hall took a swipe at Bensinger and popped her in the nose. Therein lies your assault charge. Hall pleaded down to being a lousy drunk with thunder thighs and no future prospects, which in Florida carries a year of probation. You start locking people up in The Sunshine State on those charges and you’re going to need more prisons. Or just build a cyclone fence around Florida.

Naturally, fans of Floribama, who we’ll conveniently nickname, Gen-Z tards, were concerned that being on probation would cause Aime Hall to hold back on some of her wild, boozy antics during this past year of filming. No word on whether or not that happens, because there’s no way anybody half sane would actually watch this reverse-Darwin content to verify.

Despite now coming off probation with flying colors and thirty more pounds around her general cervix area, Aimee Hall still faces challenges from nose-bopping Melissa Bensinger. Bensinger filed a civil suit against Hall because that’s what you when the biggest celebrity you’re likely to ever get punched by punches you.

You kind of asked for this: Aimee Hall drunk and throwing shit.

Melissa’s legal team, aka those guys who advertise on bus benches, demanded copies of raw MTV footage from the evening of the assault. Imaging having to comb through those hours of footage. Poor legal interns.

In the end, Bensinger wants what Hall took away from her that evening in the Panama City Bar — the God-given Floridian right to be stupid drunk, confront other stupid drunk people, and not get hit. It’s not a big ask.

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