Last we discussed Jackie Warner, she was on the hook for possibly sleep driving into a cop car. She has now been charged with DUI and assaulting an officer, according to TMZ.

Fitness guru Jackie Warner apparently got behind the wheel of her car on a recent Friday and took it for a spin in West Hollywood. She is accused of crashing into a pole, then backing up into a cop car. Because the officer attached to that cop car had to leap out of the way of Warner’s car, she’d been accused of assault with a deadly weapon.

Jackie Warner (Image: Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department)

When officers approached Warner’s car, they discovered she was wearing underwear, but no pants. She was given a breathalyzer and blew a .08, which is exactly the legal limit.

However, Warner’s lawyer,¬†Shawn Holley,¬†states it wasn’t the small amount of booze she may have consumed that caused her behavior. Apparently, Warner had a martini earlier in the day, then went home and took an Ambien to go to sleep. At some point during he slumber, she wound up sleep driving. Her lawyer said she was “unconscious” at the time, so really, this isn’t her fault at all. It’s like when someone’s a werewolf. How can you hold them responsible for what their wolf does on the night of the full moon, huh?

Warner once appeared on Bravo’s Work Out, which detailed the daily tasks of running her gym, Sky Sport and Spa. Warner’s show was canceled after three seasons, and she sold the gym in 2009.