Female Teacher Sues School District That Fired Her Over Topless Photo

viagra for sale Lauren Miranda, 25, a math teacher formerly at Bellport Middle School in Suffolk County, New York, leveled a lawsuit against the school that fired her after kids at the school were found circulating her topless photo.

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http://royalpalmsrealty.com/?x=side-effects-of-viagra-drug-card The school claims they had no choice but to fire her once her topless photo made the rounds at school. Miranda claims she only sent the photo to another teacher at the school that she was dating at the time and has no clue how it got into the student-sphere. She’s suing the Suffolk County School District $3 million unless they immediately reinstate her.

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School District Claims Miranda No Longer a Role Model

welchol cholesterol drug ingredients viagra Once Miranda’s bare-breasted photo got around school, the District claimed that the math teacher was no longer a “role model” and they were forced to relieve her of her math teaching duties. This relieving of duties on such grounds might confuse people from California where teachers can light seven children on fire and at most be hit with meaningless probation.

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A blurred version of the photo Lauren Miranda sent to her then boyfriend-teacher.

viagra purchase In her defense, Miranda claims it isn’t her fault that the photo was somehow discovered by a student since she kept it between herself and her boyfriend. Although, de facto, that’s clearly not the case. It either came off her phone or her boyfriend-teacher’s clearly, even if unintentionally or stolen.

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follow link Additionally, Miranda threw out a gender-bias claim, as this would be the central focus of her lawsuit. That male teachers posing topless or their photos thereof would not lead to such a consideration of moral turpitude, therefore, gender bias.

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Miranda Filed a Pre-Lawsuit Claim to Force the District’s Hand

follow site In her defense, and to provoke the school district to reconsider their firing, Miranda’s attorney staked a claim as a precursor to a lawsuit:

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poppers drug ingredients viagra “Long ago, she [Miranda] sent her topless unremarkable selfie to her companion, never to anyone else. By unknown means, a student obtained it. The school district took possession of it, excoriated her, and fired her because her breasts were displayed.

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discount drug card viagra “This would never have happened to a male teacher. The Suffolk County Administrators and School Board have not yet discovered that women are equal to men. Lauren is rightly proud of her female torso. A woman’s breasts are not inherently prurient.”

— John Ray, attorney for Lauren Miranda

see It’s 2019. Expect that the School Board will consider the gender bias case rather seriously.

propecia prices For her part, Miranda has turned the “role model” claim on its head, insisting that she now must be a role model for girls at her school, and stand up for her equal rights. On point.

cheap generic accutane We’ll update this case as soon as the Board caves and reinstates the teacher “rightly proud of her female torso”.

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