Female New Zealand Teacher Had Sex With At Least Six Boys At Her School

https://acquistare-cialis.com/ compro cialis online This story begins with, “A female teacher at an all boys high school…” and many of us could have guessed how this story ended with that information alone. That’s not to say all female teachers at private teen boy academies are doomed to be arrested for sexual improprieties, simply that we’d be the house on it. And similar of course if the genders are reversed in the story.

http://akashows.com/?p=viagra-quotations An unnamed married female teacher at the Marlborough Boys College in Blenheim, New Zealand, was arrested for sex with multiple students at the school (college in New Zealand is what we call the high school in the U.S.) after a Snapchat video of her having sex with two male students was leaked.

The Randy Teacher Is Alleged to Have Had Relations With Six Male Athlete Boys Over Past Few Years

While the leaked video apparently shows the teacher, married to a local police officer, engaged in sex with two boys at Marlboro, she has been arrested on counts related to sex with six boys at the school over the past few years. All six of the boys appear to have been athletes at the school.

Much like Australia and England, under legal traditions of New Zealand, the names of the accused are never released to the public, and even people who know the teacher’s name, as it surely is known in the area, can face stiff punishment if they mention her name online or in public forums. Which is nice for the accused, but certainly makes it harder to provide for public safety since you wouldn’t know if she had been your boy’s teacher ever.

The female teacher allegedly made her way through a half-dozen Marlborough boys

According to reports, the boys involved with the teacher were quite concerned they would be in trouble too, so they kept it secret. Minus obviously the one kid who couldn’t resist leaking the Snapchat video, because who wouldn’t? (I’m projecting for myself here at sixteen).

I was real angry, real angry. These are young boys. She’s messed with a lot of their heads I think… the boys have been offered counseling and they have been well looked after. They have been told they are not in trouble.’ 

– Mom of one of the teen boys involved with teacher

Naturally, this would be prep school boys. Public school boys would know the street rules.

This All Started Via Text and Snapchat

It’s impossible to overstate the role of digital media in this massive rise of teacher-student sex cases. Do you realize how difficult it was for a teacher 100 years ago to get a nude photo to her favorite teen student? Now, five seconds and a click and security to DoD standards.

The teacher allegedly hit these boys up on text to talk school sports. One thing led to another, and boom — you’re on Snapchat having sex with the horny lady teacher married to the cop. Classic tale.

In case you’re a sexy woman interested in teaching in New Zealand…

Naturally, the fancy school sent out a fancy letter to parents about how well they’ve been handling the unfortunate incident. Something for the moms to fret over while the dads of the boys high five one another (though probably not in front of the cuckolded police officer husband.

Every one of these rote school administrator letters always mentions how all the teachers at the school pass background checks to make sure they don’t have, what, cases in their backgrounds of having sex with six students? Naturally, all of these sex arrests are the first time these teachers have ever been caught or they wouldn’t be teachers.

The real security would be to figure out ahead of time who your teachers most likely to sexually offend are, and nip it in the bud before all the newspaper headlines and lawsuits. I should really be king.

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