Female Teacher in Russia Getting In on the Sex With High School Students Trend

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=buy-cheap-generic-propecia Russia is a country known for its no-nonsense way of life. You live, you drink, you die. They keep it fairly simple. Thanks to the Draconian legacy of their barely former Soviet selves, they maintain the pretense that their nation is free of the vain sins of the West. For instance, they pretend there are no gay Russians. The NFL and NBA make the same silly front, but they aren’t 300 million strong.


see url For the first time we have a story out of Russia involving a female teacher having sex with a student. Assume it’s not the first time it’s happened as they lack a massive wild-eyed sensationalistic media, at least formally. With social media, it’s far harder to hide things. Such as the case of Natalya Nikandrova, the 35-year old private teacher in St. Petersburg, Russia, hired by a wealthy oil family to tutor their 15-year old son, Kostya Dyukov. This kid already posts selfies on social media of himself with hot girls and expensive cars, so not sure what mom and dad were thinking when they left him alone with his private tutor. Not a spectacularly attractive woman, but a woman with her own set of glamorous selfies nonetheless.


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get link According to reports, the mom of the boy walked in on the pair during Nikandroya’s very first lesson with her son and the two were quite going at it. The mother felt shock and dismay, as not only was Nikandroya a professional teacher, but also a personal acquaintance and a friend. Clearly none of these people have ever watched late night Cinemax. Though 90% of the stolen feeds come out of Russia, so that’s odd.

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go to link The teacher was arrested though information on her charging and outcome is somewhat spotty, outside of the general charge of being a naughty tutor having sex with a young oil money heir. She faces four years in prison. If you imagine the Russian prostitutes lined up to nab this one, you might not be so flummoxed at this particular outcome. Perhaps Mrs. Dyukov lives in a bubble similar to the privileged class in the U.S. Maybe we’re not so different, Russia and ourselves. Our female teachers certainly seem to be trending together.

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