Female Teacher Arrested for Nude Snapchats Resigns

follow link Back in January, Altoona, Pennsylvania Special Ed teacher, Holly Metzler, 46, was arrested for sending explicit photos and a video to an underaged student at her high school.

http://cequinindia.org/?x=female-viagra-online-us While her next court date isn’t for a few days, Metzler removed herself from administrative leave status at Altoona Area High School this week and turned in her resignation. You might see this as a precursor to how her criminal sex case is about to unfold.

Holly Metzler Originally Denied the Charges

canadian pharmacy generic viagra online Here’s the thing about being a grown woman sending naked photos, let alone videos of yourself to a seventeen year old boy — he’s going to show them to his buddies. 100% or higher probability.

Holly Metzler, hot older teacher, not so wise in the digital evidence department

http://wiplon.com/?x=peut-on-acheter-du-viagra-sans-ordonnance-dans-une-pharmacie-de-france It may be that people above a certain age simply don’t understand the digital world, or buy into the hype that Snapchat somehow erases all imagery sent after its viewed by the intended party. It’s complicated, and it doesn’t.

viagra prices usa pharmacy One of this kid’s friends, or angry girlfriends perhaps, tipped off that local police that Holly Metzler and her 17-year old student were up to something untoward. Cops interviewed both Metzler and the boy who both denied any inappropriate contact. That was technically true.

They Would’ve Got Away With It If Not For Those Darned Kids

al zahra hospital dubai pharmacy viagra Shortly after their denials, police somehow got to friends of the boy who copped to seeing the nude photos and video of Holly Metzler on their buddy’s Snapchat.

http://sbba.org/?search=naprosyn-drug-contraindications-with-viagra Police went back to examine the kid’s phone and found two explicit photos and one explicit video that the student identified as Metzler.

A solid video explaining how Snapchat doesn’t really delete your Snaps

follow url The student continued to insist the pair had never done anything physical. Which is one of those lovelorn admissions. Maybe he confessed it with a huge sigh. Either way, cops believed him, and Metzler as to that count.

go Either way, Metzler was arrested on charges related to corruption of a minor and some other unlawful bits. The boy never sent anything racy back so she avoided those dreaded child porn elements.

Holly Metzler: Gone But Not Forgotten

non-prescription drugs like viagra You’d think a grown woman with a college education and twenty years teaching experience would have the wisdom to know not to send nudes to a student of hers, let alone an underaged student.

In the very least, understand, you could have discreet sex six ways to Sunday with this new young love of your life and there’d never be evidence to convict. But one naked selfie sent via Snapchat and you’re toast. Chalk this up to the heart, and other bodily organs, overtaking the brain.

Altoona Area High School is one of those hold school, square brick schools,
soon to be renovated

Metzler was put on administrative leave when the story first broke in January, but anticipate her resignation means she’ll be pleading out to some guilty deal very shortly. Imagine the penalty won’t be super stiff, yet, she’s a highly experienced Special Ed instructor who can now never teach again. Everybody loses.

Special Ed Teachers Not Immune To These Sex Cases

Holly Metzler Isn’t the First Special Ed Teacher Caught Up in a Sex Scandal

Alexandra Culhane, a New York special ed teacher was arrested for having sex with a 15-year old student in the park

Alexandra Culhane, took her underaged boyfriend to the park for nookie

Philadelphia special ed teacher, Stephanie Amato, slept with an eighth grade boy from the special ed program.

Who can forget Connecticut special ed teacher, Laura Ramos, who had sex with two boys from school, including one in the electrical room of a local restaurant?

Highly decorated Texas special ed teacher, Rebecca Goerdel, was busted in the Lone Star State for engaging in sex acts with her student.

And many more…

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