Another Female Teacher Busted in High School Sex Scandal Another day, another female teacher at our nation’s high schools has been arrested for having sex with a student. What was once a freakish novelty, now has become a regular occurrence of attractive female educators grooming, sexting, and hopping into the sack with their teen students.

follow url In the most recent case, Sarah Katherine Brooks, 25, a married gym teacher at Archer High School in Georgia, was taken into custody this past week, charged with illicit sex between a supervisory adult and a student.

follow link Young, blonde, married, attractive, socially active, Brooks fits the profile to a tee.

Sarah Katherine Brooks Tutored Her Alleged Sex Victim

viagra jelly before then buy It’s unclear why the gym teacher was retained to tutor a seventeen year old boy from the school, but Brooks clearly made the most of her arrangement with the teen. On Monday of this past week, somebody tipped off the high school as to an ongoing sexual relationship between Sarah Katherine Brooks and her teen student. That somebody almost certainly must be the boy’s mother, who seemed to have a decent outline of what took place between the gym teacher and her son: The student’s mother told Channel 2 Action News that Brooks and her 17-year-old son had sex during off-campus tutoring. Brooks was his physical education teacher, she said.

The two had sex at least three times since October, including once at the student’s home while she was at work, his mother said.

– Mom

find and buy brand viagra Obviously the mom spoke to her boy and wormed a confession. Or else she’s very good at guessing how many times people have sex.

Brooks Was Arrested Four Days Later Sarah Katherine Brooks resigned almost immediately upon learning her school principal had contacted police. Not that that’s an admission of guilt. It is as close as humanly possible to admission, however.

flagyl similar drugs to viagra By Tuesday, the school sent a letter to parents scaring the bejesus out of them about a teacher sexual predator under investigation by police. Also, naturally, a bold font mention that this was the first ever such case at the school and nobody should blame administrators. CYA much?

Gwinnett County Jail, if you’re here, you done messed up

what classification of drugs is viagra On Friday, Brooks was taken into custody and booked into the Gwinnett County Jail. Despite the felony sex crime charges, Brooks bonded out on $11,200, because Southern States have a thing about keeping bail extremely low pre-trial. Go figure.

That Darn Teacher-Student Sex Prohibition Strikes Again.

viagra drug category Like many of its neighbors, Georgia has a law on the books preventing adults in a supervisory position, such as a teacher, to have sex with those they supervise, even if the latter are of legal age in the state.

We see these laws most prominently utilized in the Southern states where the ages of consent tend to be younger and a good deal of the students attending high school are capable of legal consent. In Georgia that age is 16. This may explain the very reason we see so many of these cases where teachers are having sex with teens above the age of consent, but still in violation of this felony statute.

Sometimes you need a local attorney to let you know that you can’t have
sex with your 15-year old girlfriend if you’re 21, even in Georgia.

Simply put, people in these states may be used to having sex with younger people. Compare and contrast to my state, for instance, California, where the age of majority is 18. The term “jailbait” really meant anybody in high school for anybody older who might be looking to get into their pants. That was because most 18 year olds are either out of high school or close to finishing out their final years.

In states where the age of consent is 16, for boys and girls, it may be that adults have for some time seen high school upperclassmen (and women) as game-on. This would include teachers who see a 17-year old teen as a “legal” option. Which they were, until these recent no-teacher-student-sex laws came to be. A working theory at least.

Georgia Is No Stranger to Female Teacher Sex Arrests

While male teachers were arrested in this very same Gwinnett County for sexual indiscretions recently, Georgia, of course also has it’s share of female teachers hopping on board the felony sex wagon:

40-year old gym teacher, Shawnetta Rice, arrested for sex with two male students on campus.

Dalton, Georgia hottie teacher Raquel Spencer was arrested for possessing heroin at school. In the investigation that followed, police discovered she was also having sex with a teen boy at the school.

Long County High School choral director, and local coffee shop singer, Kayla Camille Berry, was busted for hooking up with a female student at the school.

Sexy blonde and mature gym teacher, Shawnetta Rice, was discovered to be having sex with a 15-year old student at her high school. During the course of the investigation, cops found an 18-year old senior she was also showing the gym ropes, as it were.

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