best price cialis In a shocking turn of events in our seemingly daily coverage of female teachers sexually mounting their student bodies across America, Forsyth High School in North Carolina saw both a long time teacher, Rebecca Swinson, 39, and a volunteer, Jennifer Ann Pike, 44, both plead guilty to, and were sentenced for, having sexual relations with students on the same day. The guilty pleas that is, the sexual activity took place on different days and these two cases were apparently completely unrelated, except for both adult women sleeping with boys at the school.

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enter site Rebecca Swinson first connected with the first of her two teen boy conquests through a legit teacher-student phone app for homework questions, which naturally led to a Snapchat connection, which naturally led to flirty Snaps, which naturally led to naughty unclothed snaps, which naturally led to blowing the 17-year old student. That student apparently signaled to Swinson after the fact that he wasn’t comfortable with the relationship, and Swinson moved onto a hummer and intercourse with another 17-year old student in her class. He may or may not have been more comfortable, but a female student tip to the school principal over the summer led to an investigation in which Swinson copped to sex with both boys. 

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get link This past Wednesday, Swinson pleaded guilty to having sex with her students and to sending nude photos. Her lawyer wanted the judge to take into account the fact that the age of consent in North Carolina is 16 and that Swinson was only facing these charges because of the separate law concerning teachers humping their high school students of any age. Additionally, her attorney threw in the fact that these boys came after Swinson and she was emotionally connected. Through the mouth apparently mostly. The judge gave Swinson six-months in the pokey, with several years suspended sentence beyond that should she violate, and a long-term signature on the sex offenders registry.

source link On the very same day that Swinson pleaded out, Jennifer Ann Pike, a volunteer at the same school, and apparently completely unrelated to Swinson, was convicted of having sex with a student at Forsyth High School as well. Pike had initially been facing serious sex crimes charges, but as a part of her plea arrangement, she was found guilty of two counts of crimes against nature. Not sure how much against nature it is for a 44-year old woman to dig sex with a strapped teen boy, but apparently in Forsyth, North Carolina, that’s how they view matters.

best price for generic levitra Pike had been volunteering at the high school for four years at the time of the incident. She had cleared all background checks with no criminal record and had clearance to attend overnight trips with students. By day, Pike was a hairdresser out of her home salon, the same residence where she had multiple sexual encounters with a student from Forsyth. Naturally, she also sent him naughty texts and photos such that she would hang herself if ever investigated. Which she was. But given her plea deal and lack of a criminal record, Pike only received six months suspended sentence and a ton of probation time, and some kind of restraining order against cougaring high school students. Two women convicted on the same day from the same high school for having sex with different male students. This is some kind of record. Though not the kind that will go in the high school’s entryway trophy case.

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