High School Teacher’s Lesbian Student Lover Defends Her ‘Love’ With the Teacher in Court

viagra face flushes http://hlmarchitects.com/buy-viagra-for-less UPDATE: Rather suddenly, Walsh received one-year probation from the judge. Love conquers all, even illegal lesbian love!

source url Oh, lesbians, you are a fickle bunch.

Last October we told you how a Cincinnati-area Special Ed teacher, Jennifer Walsh, 26, was busted for having sexual relations with a 17-year-old girl from her school. I heroically noted that the girl in question was not a special-ed student, because that seemed relevant, and seemed to mitigate the potential crime.

Walsh was facing prosecution for sex crimes backed by five different independent witnesses. I’m not sure how you have so many witnesses to your illicit sexual activity unless you’re being pretty open about it with friends and coworkers. Which seemed to be at least partially the case here as Walsh repeatedly explained that she was in love with her student.

Jennifer Walsh in court (credit: WKRC)

And, now we’ve learned that her student was, and is still, in love with her Ms. Walsh.

“I know in my heart that I am completely in love with this woman, without a doubt.”

Walsh’s lesbian lover high school student

Walsh pleaded guilty last month to sexual imposition, which sounds like maybe you took an upskirt photo or something, but it’s the reduced level charge down from sexual battery. It does feature up to 18-months in state prison.

During the sentencing hearing, the judge in the case, after hearing from both the female “victim” who claimed she loved Walsh and the lead investigator who supported the suggestion that these two were indeed head-over-heels in lesbian want for each other, decided she needed more time to think this over.

Imagine decided between wanting to placate the community-at-large who wants sex offenders burned in kerosene-laden stakes, and the enlightened lesbian community who want people to understand how love works between women, though definitely not a man and his teen female student.

We’ll keep you updated. But by way of prediction, this feels very house-arrest-y. With the teen lover bringing over cookies and snatch for comfort.

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