Female Indiana Teacher, Camella Rodgers, Arrested for Sex With Her Friend’s 17-Year Old Daughter

india pharmacies levitra plus generic Sportscaster Marv Alpert used to do a video bit about the wild and wacky sports moments. Bloopers, before ESPN turned them into glitzy ten times a day segments. This story out of Mount Vernon, Indiana, might qualify for his reel, were it about our nation’s current crop of female teachers, unable to keep their hands off the boys, and, occasionally, the girls.


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comprare viagra generico 200 mg a Venezia Local authorities in Posey County filed two counts of child seduction charges against local Farmersville Elementary School teacher, Camella “Cammy” Rodgers, for a sexual relationship uncovered between Rodgers and her good friend’s seventeen year old daughter, an as yet unnamed victim. State law in Indiana provides for sixteen as the age of sexual consent, but it’s eighteen if engaging in sex with somebody in a position of authority, like, say, a teacher. That would be Cammy Rodgers. Even though she was a local elementary school fifth grade teacher, she still can’t touch a student until eighteen. Oops. Double lesbian underaged oops.

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see To complicated matters, and make this a real Maury special, Rodgers’ own daughter and her female victim, the daughter of her own friend, were good teen friends themselves and high school sports teammates. Awkward. Hey, are you having sex with my mom? Just asking out of the blue. Rodgers herself lived with the family for a couple months last summer, during the time of the sexual liaisons, that apparently extended up to a year and including sexual contact in Rodgers’ elementary school classroom. So what you always suspected those straight-laced teachers might be doing behind closed classroom doors.

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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=cialis-generico-vendita-online As always, Rodgers was foiled when her friend found a photo of her daughter kissing Rodgers. Always with the photos you illicit love machines. Someday, somebody will think not to document their crimes for evidence in court. The mom took the photos to the authorities who quickly intervened. Rodgers resigned from Farmersville Elementary School to save the district the trouble of firing her and making her walk out with a cardboard box filled with little tiny trophies.

watch There’s a lesson in this story, somewhere. I’ve yet to find it. It does seem somewhat unfair as a 40-something woman that a bunch of your lady friends can have sex with teens and you can’t because you’re a teacher somewhere. Indiana doesn’t know how to have fun. Cammy Rodgers did. Now she’s going to wind up in jail.

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