Female HS Teacher in Clark County Busted for Luring, Lewdness, and Kidnapping

order cialis pills from online drugstore Teacher, Breanna Hernandez, 27, now finds herself behind bars in the Clark County Jail on multiple counts of luring a minor, lewdness with a minor, and kidnapping in relation to an investigation following the discovery of private messages between herself and a student at Basic Academy of International Studies in Henderson, Nevada outside of Las Vegas.


source url Since the police are refusing to provide the precise details of the events that led to these charges, you can use your imagination as to luring, lewdness, and especially, kidnapping. Suffice it to say the latter can refer to the rather broad definition of keeping a minor from where they are supposed to be — like home with their parents studying for Ms. Hernandez’ quiz the next morning.


get link The investigation began last November upon discovery of the naughty messages, at which time Hernandez was relieved of her duties at the Clark County School District school where she had been employed since 2015. Now, two months later, she’s been arrested because sometimes lust is simply that strong. Also, it seems mandatory these days for female teachers who own cellphones, so, all of them, to end up sexting and eventually more with the cute boys in their classrooms. God bless America.



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