Georgia Female High School Teacher Arrested for Sex With Student

follow url Sometimes we go a whole week without a female teacher in this country being arrested for sexual assault. Are the lady teachers slowing down in their desire for teen flesh? Unlikely. More likely they are growing smarter in their pursuits and evidence trails, after seeing so many stories of their peers being arrested.

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effects of levitra in women The latest arrest belongs to Kristin Davenport, 27, a teacher at Northside High in Muscogee County in Georgia. Davenport was hit with three counts of sexual assault by a teacher against a student.

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Kristin Davenport Charged Under “Supervisory Position” Law

buy accutane in kingston pa Georgia, like many other Southern States, passed a law forbidding teachers from having sex with students even if the students are “of age” according to age of consent laws. That would otherwise be 16 in Georgia. But if you’re a high school teacher, it’s no-no-never with a student.

accutane use birth defects years later The arrest reports on Davenport are mildly unclear as to her precise criminal wrongdoings, or therein charged. We know that a tip came in about her sexual relations with a teen student at the school several days before her arrest. We do not know the identity of the tipper or the elements of the sexual relations.

follow link Nevertheless, Davenport was hauled off in cuffs to the County Jail for charging and processing for a person in a supervisory position having sex with somebody under their supervision. To wit, teacher and student. As much as some of these Confederate states seem to honor the right of mid-teens to be married or have adult sexual relations, they conversely charge hard under these teacher sexual assault laws. Maybe it’s overcompensating, but Davenport is facing some serious felony time if convicted.

Davenport Is Not Alone in Being Nailed By the Teacher-Student Sex Laws in the South. The Constitutionality of these “supervisory position” sex assault charges have yet to be fully vetted up the judicial chain in most states. Meanwhile, there is no stay in effect so female teachers in the South are still being put in prison for having sex with students, even if they are of the age of consent:

Haeli Way simply loved teen men; is that such a crime? (Well, yes) In Alabama, Charli Parker had sex with two different sixteen-year old students. The age of consent in Alabama is sixteen and Parker is appealing her sexual assault conviction based on the grounds teachers shouldn’t be bound by different sex rules than all other citizens. Girls’ sports coach Loralyn Huval was arrested for having sex with presumably an of-age female student, but that didn’t help her avoid arrest for being a person in a position of authority have sex with a student.

viagra pfizer online Hot Texas teacher Haeli Way was busted under “supervisory position” sexual assault laws after supervising herself with not one, but two-17 year old boys. Somewhat ironically, if she weren’t a teacher, she could have legal sex with a million-17 year old boys. Though she wouldn’t hang out with them necessarily on a daily basis if, say, a marketing manager.

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