get link You figure if you’re an overgrown young man entering the sport of sumo in Japan, perhaps you’d be free of sexually charged atmospheres and older ladies trying to mess with your mind. But you’re be wrong. Throw some salt over your shoulder and watch out for the as yet unnamed 30-something female sumo coach of high school level wrestlers and her husband, both fired for their part in gross levels of sexual harassment in their class.

go site The wife of the couple, presumably a larger lady, at Hiryu High School in Japan, would routinely ask the boys in the class if they wanted to see her breasts (assume the innate answer was “no”) while her cheeky husband would snatch towels from around the waists of the boys in the class whilst in front of their female teammates. If this were Texas high school football, it might be normal hazing, but in the storied tradition of sumo in Japan, the sport itself is built heavily on spiritual ritual and religious display. Almost like church, where clergy are not supposed to sexually taunt young parishioners, though that clearly does happen.

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order female viagra uk Japan doesn’t seem to engage in the same level of criminal enforcement as Western nations where we arrest perverts because we’re a Puritanical nation, not to mention prisons needs inmates if our prison industrial complex is to survive. Not that we shouldn’t be locking up anybody with a penchant for violence, but towel snapping and cheeky gross husband and wife sumo wrestling couples are probably okay roaming the streets. Too big to fail. Photo credit:

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