Female Elementary School Teacher Arrested Trying to Cop a Feel On Another Female Teacher

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=what-is-lasix-used-for File this under, I’ve never actually heard this one before.┬áKiera Monique Smith, an elementary school teacher at Martin Luther King, Jr. school in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, stands accused of coming up behind another female teacher at the school and feeling her up and down her genital area. This wasn’t some hidden corner of the school, this occurred right in front of the school’s main office while the felt-up teacher was talking to other teachers at the school. Kind of a, right in your face, vagina groping, for lack of the term that got President Trump in trouble with Access Hollywood.

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dove comprare viagra generico 200 mg pagamento online a Parma Smith told police she sexually groped the other female teacher to see her reaction. Hmm, you can’t fault her on the scientific method there. However, that teacher’s reaction was shock, and by the way, I’m pressing charges. Smith was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual battery, with bond set at $5,000. You have to assume Smith is either nuts or had some expectation that her genital caress would spark a less intensive negative reaction from her fellow faculty member. Though I’d throw nuts in there regardless.


accutane side effects vagina When Kiera Monique Smith gets the opportunity, perhaps she’ll provide some more context to her reach around. For now, we’re left with the notion that teachers, even female teachers, are equally if not more effed up than the rest of the general population when it comes to sex. This is new one.

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