Tabatha McDaniel Sentenced

Tabatha McDaniel, a 39-year-old Alabama woman, will be spending the rest of her life behind bars, according to a new report from The victim was 48-year-old Beverly Carole Doran, who was found on the floor of her home by her common law husband. She had been stabbed to death.

While the details of the stabbing were unclear, police called the crime “brutal,” and it’s telling that McDaniel allegedly had two “henchmen” but ended up receiving the harshest sentence. Alex Maurice Brown, 27, acted with McDaniel and received 20 years in prison as punishment. That sentence was passed in September. Meanwhile a review is pending on the third after a judge disallowed a statement that would have been crucial to the prosecution’s case.

That man is Matthew Weston Carden, 45, who was also McDaniel’s boyfriend at the time of the slaying. McDaniel committed the crime reportedly because of a “drug debt” the woman owed her. While female drug dealers are not as common as male dealers, there have been some notable exceptions throughout history. In fact, Miami’s most notorious during the so-called “Cocaine Cowboy” time of the 1980s was Griselda Blanco, who fashioned her entire empire off the Godfather films and was credited as the inventor of the motorcycle drive-by assassination — a method of execution she would later succumb to while on the run.

In the case of McDaniel, she was very small-time compared to Blanco, but no less deadly as evidenced in the brutality of the kill. Doran had been stabbed multiple times and her husband was reportedly covered in blood from hugging the body afterward. Definitely the kind of lady you don’t want taking you to collections.

(Featured Image: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)