Female Chicago Christian High School Teacher Suspended For Sexual Misconduct with Male Students

enter site As much as sexual misconduct between teacher and student has likely been dramatically underreported through the year, with the current wave of arrest after arrest and associated panic, there is likely to be a case or two pop up where a teacher falls victim to an overzealous administration. Not to say that is the case of a Chicago Christian High School teacher in her 20’s suspended for potentially sending lewd content to male students in her school, and engaging in sexual activity with one or more, but the police are certainly publicly communicating there has been no arrest in the matter.

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source link Due to the lack of arrest, the name of the female teacher at Chicago Christian has yet to be publicly stated, which is a good thing if you believe in that old fashioned innocent until proven guilty thing. More to the point, allegations of sexual interactions with teen students is not something you can simply walk back if proven illegitimate. Whether or not the public at large is aware of her name, rest assured scuttlebutt at and around the school means every single parent knows. That’s tough tarnish to un-tarnish after the fact.

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enter site Chicago Christian High School sent a letter home to parents saying the teacher was suspended for sending sexual content to more than one boy. She also may have engaged in sex with more than one of the students.


http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=miglior-sito-per-acquistare-viagra-generico-50-mg-a-Roma The news has rocked the school. One senior who asked not to be identified said he was heartbroken by the allegations and he said many people at this small school seemed very depressed this week

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=miglior-sito-per-comprare-viagra-generico-50-mg-a-Venezia At the same time, the investigating authorities are cautioning that they are in the process of separating fact from fiction, and concerned how much of the allegations are based on fact, and how much on boys at school bragging about sexual conquests and misdeeds. If you’ve ever been a teen boy, you know the latter happens with some frequency. With the phenomena of female teachers having sex with male students in high schools in the news and across the land, you’d have to imagine it’s now part of the common vernacular to the guys at school. There could easily be some exaggerations if not outright false claims flying around.

g postmessage propecia smiley online As in all of these cases, the police are first going through the teacher’s phone. Never a shock what’s on those, or been erase from those, of the ones truly involved with their male student body. Flattery, flirtation, photos, dirtier photos, and meetup requests. That’s the playbook. Maybe blame the phones?

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