Female Catholic School Teacher Arrested for Sex With Middle School Boys

see url Consider this a slight twist in the Catholic sexual abuse scandal. Yesenia Rodriguez, 27, a female eighth grade teacher at the archdiocese run St. Procopius Junior High School in Chicago, was arrested for two episodes of sexual involvement with boys from her school. The first a 14-year old last May, and a 13-year old later in the year, potentially into 2019 year.

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brand levitra price average The Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago confirmed that Rodriguez had taught in the largely Spanish-speaking school since 2014. Then they issued a blanket statement about their deep concern for sexual abuse allegations and urged anybody who believes they were sexually abused by church staff in the past to come forward. Everybody kind of laughed, or would have if the actual situation wasn’t so sad. Though worth noting there is zero evidence that parochial schools have any greater prevalence of predatory female teachers than the public schools. In fact, both the Catholic church school and the public schools have the commonality of trying to cover up teacher sex abuses. So there’s that.


intravenous lasix Rodriguez was officially arrested on one felony count of sexual abuse in regard to the 14-year old boy, and a misdemeanor count of battery for whatever happened between her and the 13-year old boy. Assume the latter was far less significant in the illicit sex department. Details are sketchy, but the general outlook not positive for Ms. Rodriguez. Though as always, innocent until proven guilty. There are certainly times when kids make up stories for various reasons.

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