Female Alabama High School Teacher Latest Arrested for Sex With Teen

http://cheapgenericsonline.com/buy-viagra-online/ viagra online price A Dothan High School teacher was arrested this past week and charged with the increasingly common crime in Alabama of a teacher sleeping with a student who is of age but under the age of 19.

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get link Alabama law forbids teachers from sexual relations with students, even if they be of age of majority in the state. This particular law continues to snag a good number of teachers in Southern States, even as its Constitutionality remains not entirely clear. Can you forbid adults from having sex with other consenting legal-aged adults even if they are high school teacher and student?

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Julia Engle Arrested and Charged

prescription drug patent expiration viagra coupons Julia Engle, 29, a teacher at Dothan isn’t the first staff member to be arrested at the school recently for sex crimes, but she is the latest. She was arrested on a single count of “school employee engaging in a sexual act with a student under the age of 19 years.”


rx generic canadian viagra Little specifics are available about this case. We do know that officials at Dothan High were the one to contact local police to initiate an investigation. And that Engle was arrested after she and two different male students at the school were interviewed.


click It is possible this single count is not the only charge Engle will face after all the facts are brought to light. Engle was jailed on a $30,000 bond.

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