Fast Food Worker Accused Of Adding Menstrual Blood To Customer’s Burger

prednisone no prescription An employee of a fast food restaurant in Mississippi is accused of adding a little special sauce to a burger. The concoction, according to authorities, allegedly consisted of menstrual blood and spit.

dove comprare viagra generico 100 mg a Torino Sky Juliett Samuel, 18, was arrested on Monday after one of her coworkers at Jack’s Family Restaurant told her mother that she had witnessed the disgusting act. According to the witness’ mother, Tabitha Hollins, her daughter told her the following: a female customer ordering through the restaurant’s drive-through rubbed Samuel the wrong way, so Samuel reached into her pants and smeared her menstrual blood on the burger and then licked a slice of cheese. Hollins’ daughter informed her managers, but it apparently didn’t go well, so Hollins took to Facebook
(Image: Facebook)

acquistare viagra generico 50 mg a Verona The company later denied that this was reason why the teen was fired. Apparently, the company had let multiple people go for “unrelated” reasons, including Samuel. 

levitra super active generic “There were five employees working on the night of the alleged incident,”Jack’s spokesman Miguel Piedra said. “Sky and one other employee were terminated for violating company policies that were unrelated to any allegations of food tampering. Two other employees who were working during the shift in question have been placed on leave pending the outcome of this investigation.”

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get link A Tupelo woman later came forward to police and identified herself as the customer who allegedly received the burger with extra iron. The investigation into the alleged tampering has yet to be completed, but in the meantime, the Health Department has concluded that the establishment is otherwise safe for consumers. But who knows how long Jack’s Family Restaurant will be around? If it turns out that the woman did indeed receive a burger with extra ingredients, we’re going to have to assume Jack’s is looking at pretty big lawsuit. 

how to get propecia pills fedex Image: Columbus Police Department

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