Aimee Palmitessa featured on the left with students from her school.

source site You may recall the not so curious case of Dr. Aimee Palmitessa, the 40-something biology teacher at the famous Brentwood School who was arrested last year on multiple charges of having sex with a 17-year old male student in various hotel, house, and campus locations about Los Angeles in 2016. Apparently, that’s not allowed, no matter how many times you check-in on Facebook. Following a grand jury indictment on various acts of sex with an underaged individual, Palmitessa has pled not guilty and is awaiting trail.


buying prednisone overseas pharamacy But, as we’ve told you to keep an eye out for, now comes the civil lawsuit against the school. And this one seems to have some very strong legs. Not only is the alleged victim and his family suggesting that the sex happened and the school bears responsibility for hiring Palmitessa, a molecular biology Ph.D by the way, they’re accusing the school of having extensive knowledge about Palmitessa previously grooming boys at the school, AND that the school counselor knew about the teen boy being courted by an older woman and told him basically to go for it. Cool counselor, but that kind of looks bad from a legal liability perspective when the school counselor is telling you to bone your teacher. The lawsuit accuses the school of knowing full-well of Palmitessa’s inappropriately intimate behavior toward previous male students that may have included grooming, naughty messages or photos, and potentially even previous sexual encounters, though none have been firmly established as of yet. Apparently Palmitessa took this boy’s hand in her own openly in public at the school, and you can bet that didn’t go unnoticed at this particularly celebrity-kid L.A. high school enclave.

source link As luck or coincidence of karma would have it, the male teen student in the case was previously known to be a member of that student group rapping songs with the N-word in them on a video that went viral almost two years ago now. That thanks to Barry Bonds’ daughter, a student there, posting it to dad’s social media account:

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side effects long-term use prednisone This either speaks to bad seeds, L.A. private schools, of turn of the proverb: no bad deed goes unrewarded with teacher sex.