follow url I’m not one of those parental fanatics who believes horror movies and violent movies directly causes kids to become nuts and act out anti-socially. Yet there’s no denying that two middle school girls coming to school with knives right before Halloween to stab the crap out of other kids in the school bathroom, cut them apart, and drink their blood sounds rather Michael Myers-ish.

cialis generico 24 horas Thankfully, somebody in authority got tipped off to these two deluded and dangerous 11 and 12-year old respectively, students at Bartow Middle School in Bartow, Florida, who got as far as smuggling knives, scissors, and a pizza cutter from home into the school. Apparently the girls were at least strategic enough to consider an ambush position in the bathroom, and to wait for smaller kids to approach who they could attack more easily. That’s beyond pre-meditation, that’s downright young thrill-killer type thinking. According to police, after consuming the blood of fifteen dead, the girls planned to kill themselves. Think about the nuggets floating loose in these girls noggins the next time you imagine the crazy killers you see in the movies are only in the movies.
One of the kitchen knives confiscated by the police from the would-be murdering girls.

source link Girls being girls, especially young girls, imagine they blabbed to one or more kids in their class who told a teacher. When the girls didn’t show up for class, the search was on and the girls were apprehended, hopefully for a decade long therapeutic stint with the electric nodes on the head, though probably just a time out and a stern talking to. Happy early Halloween!