Donald Trump Pepper Found By English Woman

here Janet Ayers did not mean to give us nightmares. But sometimes people can be used as conduits of terror, and that’s just what happened when the woman from southern England was recently slicing up a red pepper. While most people conjure hopeful images like the face of Christ in fruits, veggies, paint stains, and dirt patterns, Ayers had to go off and bring the most horrific caricature of the new President-elect, Donald freakin’ Trump, to the masses. Prepare yourself. Things are about to get horrifying.

follow url Yikes.

comprare viagra generico 25 mg a Genova Ayers posted the photo to social media and it quickly took off from there. Perennial Trump-haters Huffington Post reached out to the woman to talk further about the circumstances surrounding the pepper slice — as if that is important at all — and while she has not responded to them, she did tell the British media that she and her friends were actually in the process of discussing the Donald while she was cutting into the pepper.

cialis generico 40 mg españa “It was as if the pepper was mirroring the conversation,” she said. “We ate it for dinner and suffered no ill effects. … We are trying to carry on our lives as normal, after the incident, but may approach the next pepper with caution.” 

see Good idea.

go to site Before giving Janet Ayers a free pass on this, need we remind you that Damien would not have been a problem as the Antichrist had his adopted parents not taken him on. At some point, you have to take some responsibility for the nightmares you unleash upon the world, and combining naturally occurring Donald Trump horror faces with social media is simply a recipe for disaster. Hasn’t this election season been torturous enough? Some of Ayers’ own friends felt the same way. “Sigh,” wrote one Facebook commenter, “if it was so easy as to just chop him up into a salad and be done with this entire nightmare….lol!! Hope no one got sick from eating this foul-mouthed pepper!!” (Featured Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr Creative Commons/Resized and Cropped/CC BY-SA 2.0)