Evie Amati Goes Psycho

Evie Amati. Got a nice horror movie ring to it, no? Well, it will after you hear what the Australian native was caught doing in what the Mirror calls “shocking” Sydney-based CCTV footage. Amati, with seemingly no connection to the other individuals involved in the incident, walked into a shop toting an axe. She approached one Benjamin Rimmer and can be seen having a few words with the man before swinging the weapon and striking him on the head.

From there, all hell broke loose and she attacked one other woman, the unfortunately named Sharon Hacker. Miraculously it appears that both of the in-store victims will likely survive the attack, though Rimmer appears to be in worse shape than Hacker, his injuries being described as “more serious.” You will understand that when you view the video above.

One brave soul reportedly chased the woman down the street, which seemed brave enough until she turned around and started swinging again. Shut that machismo down real quickly. Thankfully, whatever got into Amati has not yielded any casualties, though you gotta think with a person like this, it is only a matter of time.

Police caught up to her lying in the front yard of a property nearby. The axe was within reach, but she opted to call it a day and was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital for assessment.

It is not yet clear what kind of punishment Amati will be looking at for this little endeavor. She will be charged with intentionally causing grievous bodily harm. She is now in jail where, the news site reports, she has requested “estrogen booster Progynova, and Spractin, a testosterone suppressor,” which is usually taken by people changing genders from male to female.

Suggestion: give that lady whatever she wants, but play keep away with the sharp objects.

(Featured Image: CCTV Footage c/o News.au.com)