Esthela Clark Smuggled A Mexican Woman Into The U.S. To Impregnate Her With Boyfriend’s Sperm

follow url Esthela Clark, 46, of Jacksonville, Florida, is accused of bringing a 26-year-old Mexican woman across the border to act as a surrogate mother, then abusing her when she failed to conceive.

best place to buy prednisone from online drugstore without prescription Apparently, Clark had told the woman she was bringing her to the United States to act as a surrogate mother for Clark and her boyfriend. Once the baby was born, the woman would get $4,000 and return to Mexico. Additionally, Clark had promised to send money back to the woman’s family, as the woman had a young child of her own. She told the woman that the procedure and her pregnancy would both occur with proper medical care, and assured her that it was all totally legal.
Should have used a turkey baster? (Image: Pixabay)

frusemide lasix side effects But it wasn’t. Clark had paid smugglers to get the woman across the border, then showed her to her room, which was basically the dining room floor. This is also where the insemination took place. Clark performed it herself using a plastic syringe packed with her boyfriend’s semen. Unsurprisingly, the woman did not become pregnant. Over a period of two years, Clark kept the woman isolated in her home, forcing her to do chores and, according to authorities, have sex with at least two men in an attempt to conceive. She also forced the woman to go on an extreme diet that caused her to shed 65 pounds.

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go to link Eventually, a citizen rescued the woman and contacted police, leading to Clark’s arrest. Clark has since pleaded guilty to one count of forced labor, which is down from the nine various counts she was charged with. She faces a 20-year sentence in prison.  Image: Pixabay

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